J-Term & Summer Session

Outside the Classroom

Unusual course offerings. Close interaction. Field experiences. These are just some of the things students experience as part of Summer Session and January Term (J-Term) at 麻豆果冻传媒. While our fall and spring semesters form the core of the academic year at the University, our summer and January offerings allow students to experience the institution from another perspective鈥攐ne in which classes are smaller, the focus is streamlined and access to faculty is even greater. They鈥檙e an excellent way for students to not only advance against their degree requirements but to get a concentrated dose of 鈥渆xperiential learning鈥濃攆rom living on Grounds, to participating in strong residential communities, to learning outside the classroom, to collaborating with peers on exciting projects designed to advance knowledge in society.

By the Numbers

Summer Session

Each summer the University of Virginia offers a rich selection of courses to over four thousand students through its . Many of these courses are not available during the academic year. Summer Session's purpose is to supplement academic year course offerings, to facilitate fulfillment of undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, and to extend access to the resources of the University of Virginia to students enrolled at other colleges or universities, rising high school juniors and seniors and lifelong learners. At 麻豆果冻传媒, our Summer Session is designed to offer all of these things and more. With top faculty, rich coursework and a host of exciting extracurricular activities, Summer Session offers an environment of non-stop learning. Each year, more than 4,000 students take part鈥攆rom current 鈥楬oos to scholars from other Universities to rising high school junior and seniors.

January Term

A unique and highly impactful learning experience, the University of Virginia's (J-Term) is a university-wide initiative sponsored by the Office of the Vice President and Provost. J-Term provides students with unique opportunities: new courses that address topics of current interest, study abroad programs, undergraduate research seminars and interdisciplinary courses. The intensive format of January Term classes encourages extensive student-faculty interaction and allows students to immerse themselves in a subject.