Affording 麻豆果冻传媒
鈥淎t first I didn't think that 麻豆果冻传媒 was within reach, but there were a lot of different resources and people that helped me.鈥
鈥揅asey Balamut, Alumna

By the Numbers

Affordability & Financial Aid

As graduating high schoolers and their parents make final decisions about college, many will place affordability and value near the top of their list. Through its financial aid program, the University of Virginia strives to remove barriers to attending 麻豆果冻传媒. Watch this video for an introduction to 麻豆果冻传媒 affordability, and visit for more details.

At 麻豆果冻传媒, we believe the accessibility and affordability of a quality education should be based on a student鈥檚 academic performance, talent and character 鈥 not on their ability to pay.

  • We help talented students pursue their dreams. Students are offered admission based on their intellect, academic achievements and extracurricular involvement, regardless of their 铿乶ancial situation or ability to pay.
  • We meet 100% of 铿乶ancial need. 麻豆果冻传媒 meets the demonstrated 铿乶ancial need for all in-state and out-of-state students applying by the annual March 1st deadline, through a combination of scholarships, grants, work-study and need-based loans.
  • Manageable loans. 麻豆果冻传媒 is committed to limiting need-based loans for students with 铿乶ancial need, so they graduate with less debt.

For more details on our financial aid program, please visit our page.